Samsung 32E 18650 3200mAh 6.4A Battery

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Samsung 32E 18650 3200mAh 6.4A Battery - INR18650-32E


Manufacturer Samsung SDI
Model 32E
Size 18650
Positive Terminal
Flat Top
Nominal Capacity 3200mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating (max) 6.4A
Nominal Voltage 3.65V
Maximum Voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut-off Voltage 2.50V
Protected No
Rechargeable Yes
Approx. Dimensions 18.5mm x 65.2mm
Approx. Weight 50g (max)
Country of Origin Republic of Korea or Malaysia
Associated Names INR18650-32E
Data Specification Sheet Samsung 32E Datasheet

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