Free Battery Case Policy

We will include free battery cases, up to a total of 10 free cases per order.  After which, batteries will be packaged using bulk cartons.


 Battery Size  Case Type Max free cases
AA / 14500 4X AA/14500 Clear 10
CR123A 4X CR123A Clear 10
18350 4X 18350 Clear 10
18500 2X 18500 Clear 10
18650 2X 18650 Clear 10
20700 2X 20700/21700 Clear 10
21700 2X 20700/21700 Clear 10
26650 2X 26650 Clear 10


Example of Bulk Packaging after the 10 free cases

Bulk Packaging


 *Some battery manufacturers will include branded cases with their batteries.  In these instances, we will not include any ADDITIONAL cases beyond what the manufacturer provides.

Example: Efest, Epoch, Hohm Tech, MXJO, and Vapcell.

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