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Samsung and few others have recently added the warning label in response to customers using insufficiently rated cells in vape devices, which can cause battery shortages, device damage, and explosions. There have been multiple instances of litigation resulting from this, hence the warning.

Samsung, LG, Murata and a number of other manufacturers strictly prohibit the use of their batteries within vape or e-cig related devices.

For more safety information, please see: LI-ION WARNING

18650 come in three styles: flat top, button top, and protected button top. The flat top are the standard size measuring 18 mm wide x 65 mm long, hence the name “18650”. The button tops have a raised contact point at the positive terminal, which is commonly required for flashlights and doorbell cameras. The raised tip adds between 1-3 mm in length, depending on the base cell, so they’re usually 66-68 mm long. The protected button tops have the raised tip as well as a protection circuit lining the outside of the cell, which acts as a breaker to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, overheating, and shorting. These cells are usually 69-70 mm long and are slightly bulkier due to the circuit.

The milliamp hour (mAH) capacity is the battery’s potential for power storage, so this will determine its runtime on a single charge. The amp rating (A), also called the max discharge or continuous discharge, tells you the highest current the battery is safely rated to handle continuously until fully discharged. Higher amp rating means a more versatile cell that can tolerate a wider range of conditions. Generally, these two ratings are inversely related, so a higher capacity will have lower discharge and vice-versa.

Returns / Warranty

We allow returns up to 21 days after receiving your order. To start a return, please complete the form on this page: RETURNS

As long as the items have not been used or charged, we can accept a return. If you would like to return the unused items, please complete the form here: RETURNS

Refunds will be issued after we receive your return and inspect the items.

*NOTE - Any items with scratches on either terminal, a change in voltage from charging or discharging or any other sign of use will result in NO REFUND being granted. Please be sure to only send completely unused and untouched products back.

We only provide return labels for damaged in transit items or incorrectly filled orders.


Lithium-iron-phosphate is an alternative battery chemistry to the standard Lithium-ion. It offers a considerably longer life cycle than Li-ion (3,000 charge cycles under most conditions) and a slower rate of capacity loss. It also offers better thermal and chemical stability than NMC Li-ion cells.

Currently, the highest available capacity for an 18650 is 3600 mAh – if you see them advertised as higher than this, it’s likely to be a knock-off or salvaged re-wrap with a true capacity well below the stated figure.

The nominal voltage is ~3.7V and typically 2.5V = fully drained and 4.2V = fully charged.

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