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  • Proper 18650 Battery Storage

    Have you ever wondered if just putting your batteries in the fridge is the proper way to store them and extend their usability? We can answer that.
  • How to Charge 18650 Batteries

    When powering the device, the electrons are discharged from the negative to the positive terminals unlike when it is being powered where the ions migrate in the reverse direction. This power build up enables it to conserve power for long periods.
  • Enhancing Lithium-Ion 18650 Battery Performance

    Every Lithium-ion battery begins to degrade the moment it leaves the manufacturer. After two to four years of normal use, most Lithium batteries exhibit a substantial reduction in their charge carrying capacities and need to be replaced.
  • 18650 Battery Life Span

      A standard lithium ion 18650 battery is rated to last between 300 to 500 cycles before noticing a large performance drop.  That is a pretty wide...
  • 18650 Battery Meaning and Info

    First, let’s discuss the term “18650” when referring to an 18650 battery.  This is not an arbitrary number in regards to batteries, it has a spec...
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